Green Easy Solutions

Optimizing Plant Nutrition

Aptus cooperates with top agriculture universities and research facilities to find the precise balance and composition of nutrients, bio-stimulants and beneficial microbes. This way Aptus has created its nutrients to work together in a synergistic way. Mixing and matching with other brands often breaks the synergistic effect and create nutrition imbalance through overdose of nutrients and antagonistic effects between certain minerals. Imbalance slows down plant growth, invites pest and disease attacks, and lowers the quality of the end product.

If you’d like to know which Aptus products to start with, read our blog ‘Aptus products perfect to start with‘.

It’s always important to ensure your feed water’s pH is at the proper level for your growing medium. Some of the boosters will raise or lower your pH slightly due to the organic compounds and other ingredients.

Regulator range
Regulator increases the availability, mobility, and uptake of nutrients.

P-Boost contains organic acids and can be used as a pH down solution that also adds bioavailable phosphorus and L-amino acids. Regulator has a slight acidifying effect, especially in RO water. CaMg-Boost and K-Boost have a slight pH up effect. Super-PK has a significant pH increasing effect and is often used as pH up solution. If your pH is outside the desired range after mixing your feed water, it’s best to use a mild pH up or down since harsh acids and bases can affect micro-life in the mix.