The Three Kings: Your Plants’ Royal Treatment Unveiled

Only a select few reign supreme in the vast expanse of plant care. Today, we pull back the curtain to reveal The Three Kings – Regulator, Topbooster, and Startbooster – each bearing the hallmark of excellence from Aptus Plant Tech. They’re here to turn your garden into a botanical kingdom, making these products the crown jewels of plant enhancement!

APTUS REGULATOR – Nutrition Manager & Anti-Stress Plant Enhancer:

Even the Three Kings must have one leader, and in this case, that’s Regulator.

Regulator is a key factor in plant nutrition because it greatly improves nutrient uptake by increasing the internal plant sap pressure. Nutrients that were hard to take up before, like calcium because of its high molecular weight, become more available and the plant has a more balanced uptake of nutrients.

Apart from increased nutrient uptake, Regulator also protects the plant against stress, both biotic (pests & pathogens) and abiotic (heat, drought, wind, etc). It does this by depositing the silicic acid from Regulator in the outer layers of the plant, which forms a protective layer for pests and pathogens to penetrate. Heat, drought, and wind are mitigated by increased control over stomatal (plant pores) opening and closing, giving the plant more control over the amount of water it loses.

Watch the video below to learn everything about Regulator!

APTUS STARTBOOSTER – Root & Growth Booster:

After Regulator, there’s Startbooster. A fully organic, powerful, concentrated cocktail for root and growth stimulation.

Startbooster provides your plants with everything (and more) they need to grow big and strong with a lucious green canopy. Startbooster stimulates microlife with humic and fulvic acid, as well as strengthens it with the addition of specific bacteria. Startbooster contains only fully organic nitrogen from L-amino acids, which provide it with controlled growth and a strong plant structure, and the amino acids have the added benefit of increasing nutrient availability!

Watch the video below to learn everything about Startbooster!


Last but certainly not least is Topbooster. The last of the Three Kings comes in last in your cycle, but has the power to make a huge impact on your final quality and yield.

Topbooster is fully organic, just like Startbooster. The active ingredients in Topbooster stimulate flower development. It helps plants form more and bigger fruits, with more fibers, resin, and sugars. Flavor and visual appeal will be improved with Topbooster’s organic power.

Watch the video below to learn everything about Topbooster!



Want to learn more about the Three Kings? Check out their product pages linked below, and don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions.

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All that’s left to say is: Hail to the Three Kings! They’re here to turn your garden into a botanical kingdom!