K-Boost is an organo-mineral maturation booster that contains L-amino acids combined with potassium (K) and sulphur trioxide (SO3). It stimulates the maturation process, improves yield and end quality.

Why use K-Boost?

How to use K-Boost

  • Use K-Boost from 5th week until the 7th week of flowering.
  • Use 3 – 5 ml per 10 L of water.
  • Shake before use. Leaves no residue in the irrigation system.
  • Fully water-soluble.

K-Boost contains

  • Organic nitrogen (N)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Sulphur trioxide (SO3)
  • L-amino acids

How K-Boost works

  • Organic nitrogen combined with potassium and L-amino acids stimulates plant maturation
  • Potassium improves the water management in plants (osmoregulation)
  • When potassium is deficient, stomata will not work properly and the plant loses water
  • Potassium improves starch and protein synthesis
  • Potassium regulates opening of the stomata and enzyme activity
  • Sulphur is used in the maturation process and increases weight
  • Nutrients are organically chelated using L-amino acids

Tips from successful growers

  • Use K-Boost during the last 4 weeks for a compact and firm end product
  • Use in combination with CaMg-Boost to bulk up weight and firmness and to help avoid antagonistic action between potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg)