RO Water Conditioner

RO Water Conditioner is a mineral based water conditioner for RO and soft water and a source of calcium and magnesium. RO Water Conditioner is manufactured with selected ingredients in a specific way in order to obtain the concentration and buffering capacity.

Why use RO Water Conditioner?

How to use RO Water Conditioner

  • Add 5ml per 10L (1:2000) of water to RO water. 
  • Add 2,5ml per 10L (1L:4000) of water to soft water. 
  • Add 1ml per 10L (1:10.000) to city water.

RO Water Conditioner contains

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrogen
  • A small quantity of trace elements

How Ro Water Conditioner works

The calcium and magnesium in RO Water Conditioner act as a buffer for pH in the water by increasing hardness of the water, and in this way it stabilizes the pH.

Tips from successful growers

Add RO Water Conditioner to your water first, even before adding Regulator.
RO Water Conditioner does not replace CaMg-Boost. Keep using CaMg-Boost to feed and stimulate your plants.