P-Boost is a phosphorus booster that is 100% soluble in water and will not produce residues. P-Boost contains organic acids and can also help to lower the pH of the water in your nutrient tank. P-Boost is an organo-mineral product that improves blooming processes and stimulates the production of proteins, plant hormones and vitamins.

Why use P-Boost?

How to use P-Boost

  • Use P-Boost from budding until the sixth week of flowering.
  • Use 3 – 5 ml per 10 L of water.
  • Shake before use. Leaves no residue in the irrigation system.
  • Fully water-soluble.

P-Boost contains

  • Organic nitrogen (N)
  • Highly concentrated
  • L-amino acids

How P-Boost works

  • Stimulates the production of hormones, vitamins and proteins in the plant
  • Stimulates bud formation, fructification and bud development
  • Improves photosynthesis process
  • Nutrients are organically chelated using L-amino acids

Tips from successful growers

  • Increase P-Boost dosages during the cycle for even better results (see extreme schedule)
  • P-Boost has acidifying characteristics and can be used as a pH down solution