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Aptus & urban agriculture
Nothing is more important than the quality and nutrition of our food supply. Modern society is disconnected from the production of the food we consume. Farm modernization, soil mineral depletion, government regulation, urban sprawl, and poor understanding of plant health, are destroying the fabric of what allows us to live.

Benefits of urban agriculture
– Grow your own vitamins and minerals
– Higher nutritional value of produce
– Grow your food the way nature grow
– Longer shelf life, leass waste
– Healthier plants, Healthier people
– With proper education anyone can participate
– Know exactly what goes into the food that goed into you

Much like us, plants are what they eat. If you feed a plant poor nutrition, it produces poor nutritional products. And obviously, the better nutrition we feed the plant, the healthier and more nutritional the products (fruits and vegetables) will be for us.

Today our farmlands are so over-farmed with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that our soil is stripped of almost all of its micronutrients and trace elements. Without trace elements and microbes our farmlands are producing crops with little or no nutritional value at all. We need to get back to eating healthy organic food in order to fight off sickness and disease through building up our immune system. The same goes for our plants, proper nutrition creates a healthy and active immune system that defends plants against all threats naturally, the way Mother Nature intended it to be. Urban Agriculture is a worldwide movement to bring the production of food closer to the point of consumption and give the power of true health back to the average person. APTUS is at the forefront of the Urban Agriculture movement. We create and supply all-natural plant nutrition products that allow you to grow your own food the way nature intended. APTUS invested a lot of time and money in developing alternative nutrition programs, for all kind of crops, based on soil bioremediation, plant stimulation and proper nutrition. APTUS proved that it is possible to grow fruits and vegetables with less residues of pesticides, higher nutritional values and longer shelf-life. Let’s stop destroying and poisoning ourselves and Mother Earth. Sustainable agriculture, weather hydroponics or organic soil grown, is the only thing that can save our Earth and feed our population.

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