Enzym+ is a powerful blend of enzymes that have different functions. Enzymes keep the root surface clean, remove dead organic matter and root residues, transform accumulated or saturated salts into usable plant nutrients and stabilize EC in the grow medium. This improves the plant’s natural ability to absorb more nutrients while avoiding nutrient build up in the medium that can cause lock up and pathogen problems in the root system.

Why use Enzym+?

How to use Enzym+

  • At each watering: Use 2,5 ml per 10 L of water (1:4000).
  • Once a week: Use 5 ml per 10 L of water (1:2000).
  • Add Enzym+ as last in the nutrient solution preferably just before watering.
  • Shake well before use.

Enzym+ contains

  • Cellulase and beta-glucanase complexes
  • Blend of sugar complexes (polysaccharides)
  • Manganese (Mn)

How Enzym+ works

  • Cellulose (plant matter) forms around the roots, which inhibits nutrient absorption. The cellulase in Enzym+ breaks down cellulose and keeps the roots clean
  • Beta-glucanase transforms precipitated nutrient salts into plant available nutrients
  • Manganese (Mn) stimulates microlife and stabilizes the solution

Tips from successful growers

  • Reuse your grow medium for multiple cycles! Flush medium between cycles to clean out dead plant material and nutrient salts
  • Do not leave a reservoir with nutrients and Enzym+ for more than 2 days to avoid nutrient degradation. Ideally, Enzym+ is added last to the nutrient solution, just before feeding
  • Enzymes start to work instantly, especially at greater than 20°C
  • Use Enzym+ once a week to keep the root area clean