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Grow Your Own: Sprouts

Summer is over, and most of us have harvested all there was to harvest from our gardens. Of course we still need a steady supply of vitamins and minerals in our diet. Well, we have just the thing for you, because in this post we’re showing you how to grow your own super nutritious sprouts! […]

Green Easy Solutions

To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

In this post we’re giving you an introduction in the world of mulching. Mulch is basically any material that’s used as a soil covering. There’s a whole lot of organic and inorganic mulch materials available. Think of things like straw, grass clippings, wood chips, leaves, but also newspapers or just plastic. Like everything in life, […]

Green Easy Solutions

Common beginner mistakes

Making mistakes is a great tool for learning and everyone makes mistakes when they first start their own veggie patch. We wouldn’t want you to lose hope after an unsuccessful first season of growing, so we’ll tackle some of the most common beginner mistakes in this article. That way you don’t have to make them […]

Green Easy Solutions

Growing greens at school

With the summer holidays almost over, students and teachers of agricultural school CitaVerde in Heerlen (NL) are getting ready for a new schoolyear. Last year Aptus first collaborated with CitaVerde in the project Green Production. Two classrooms are turned into greenhouses, in which students learn how to grow their own food and learn about the building […]

Green Easy Solutions

A New Greenhouse

Some two months ago we started working together in the brand new greenhouse of Karel and Carla Crombach. Here you can see some beautiful results of a few weeks of love and attention, with a little help from Aptus All-in-One pellet, Regulator and Startbooster. Karel and Carla believe strongly in the importance of organic food […]

Green Easy Solutions

Urban Gardening at School

The project ‘Green Production’ at Citaverde College in Heerlen raises awareness on locally grown food. Aptus Plant Tech supports and educates in the classroom on growing their own food and important nutrients. Students do all the seeding and planting and learn about maintaining an urban garden by themselves. All aspects of growing are being handled […]

Green Easy Solutions

No Magic Potions

The Aptus approach is the natural way. We provide quality uniform products and education that enhance the growers’ production and cultivation. Our approach is based on preventive methodology for plant, pest and environmental problems. In short: avoiding problems before they become problems. We fully respect the rules of nature and take into account the ancient […]

Green Easy Solutions

Optimizing Plant Nutrition

Aptus cooperates with top agriculture universities and research facilities to find the precise balance and composition of nutrients, bio-stimulants and beneficial microbes. This way Aptus has created its nutrients to work together in a synergistic way. Mixing and matching with other brands often breaks the synergistic effect and create nutrition imbalance through overdose of nutrients […]

Green Easy Solutions

Aptus improves shelf-life

Most producers of apples and pears know that calcium deficiencies cause problems like spots on fruits and bad conservation. What growers often not know is when to start applying calcium, what source of calcium to use in what dosage and how to apply it. Good advice in the use of the right calcium product can […]

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