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Start Growing The Right Way With These Essential Aptus Products!

With over 20 products to choose from it can be daunting to buy your first set of Aptus products, because what do you need exactly? In this blog, we’ll show and explain the essentials of the Aptus product line.

So, we want to feed our plants everything they need to grow big and strong. That starts with a decent base nutrient, for your general supply of N, P, K, and micro-elements! Here, Aptus offers two solutions:



All-in-One Liquid: A clean mineral base nutrient. One bottle for the whole cycle, macro & micronutrients. Applicable in a wide pH, no added ballast salts and chlorides.





All-in-One Pellet: An organic soil amendment in pellet form. Supplies a steady source of 100% organic, slow-release nutrition for 10-12 weeks. Reamend after that time!




Either one of these (or even a combination) is enough to keep your plants alive and thriving, and this way you’re keeping fertilizing as simple as possible. But, the best results come when our All-in-One products are combined with the other products from our range, starting with the three kings from our Plant Care product line.



Regulator: Our flagship product and the backbone of any nutrition program. Regulator works as a nutrition manager (helping regulate and improve nutrient uptake) and anti-stress plant enhancer (helping your plants deal with pests, pathogens, heat, drought, and other stress factors better).





Startbooster: 100% organic 5-in-1 root and growth stimulator. It’s a microbial inoculant, as well as a source of organic nitrogen, L-amino acids, humic- and fulvic acid.





Topbooster: 100% organic bloom stimulator. Improves flavor, appearance, quality, and yield with bloom promoting natural plant stimulants and vitamin complexes, as well as essential (micro)elements, polysaccharides to feed the microlife, and L-amino acids for additional biostimulation.


With these products, you have every element for a fruitful harvest available. But if you’ve gone this far, you may want to make the circle complete so you have all the tools for full control over your plant’s nutrients. The following products let you tweak your nutrient ratios to exactly what your plants need at that point in their cycle. And since they’re chelated with natural L-amino acids your plants can take them up, easy peasy.


CaMg-Boost: For targeted supply of highly bioavailable Calcium and Magnesium with L-amino acids for biostimulation. Provides the extra boost plants need during certain plant development phases. Helps with structure and firmness of end-product.




P-Boost: For the targeted supply of highly bioavailable phosphorus with L-amino acids for biostimulation. Used in the early flower and late flowering stages, during bud formation/fruit set.





K-Boost: For targeted supply of highly bioavailable potassium with L-amino acids for biostimulation. Used in the late flowering and maturation stages. It helps ripen and firm up the end-product.




And that’s all you need to get started really! Just 6 or 7 bottles of super concentrated natural plant nutrients and stimulants to bring you to your first growing success(es). We have a bunch more products in our line-up, but these are the bare essentials. Read on to learn about a few more products you may want to consider adding to your mix as well.

We are convinced of the benefits of a healthy microlife population in our substrate, and so should you! Microbes keep the soil in good condition, protect your root system, produce all kinds of beneficial compounds, help to break down nutrients in the soil into forms your plants can take up, and the list goes on. Most of our products stimulate the microlife, and some contain specially selected strains of bacteria and fungi, like Micromix Soil, Micromix Drip, and Mycor Mix. These products are great to kickstart the life in our substrate but also to reinoculate the medium.

If you want to go the extra mile and keep your roots clean and in tip-top condition to maximize uptake, you should add Enzym+ to your mix too. It has the added benefits of stabilizing the EC in your medium, preventing salt accumulation, as well as feeding your microlife.

You can learn more about our other products in our manual or from the product pages on our website! Click any of the names in this article or use the navigation bar in the top menu to get where you want to go. Still can’t figure it out? Send us an email, contact us on our socials, or just give us a call!