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Small Measurements: User Guide

Aptus nutrients are highly concentrated. Because of that, we’re saving the environment some plastics, we’re saving you some back problems, and you’re sure you’re not paying for expensive tap water. However, when you only need a few liters of water, it can become challenging to accurately measure the nutrients you’re feeding your plants. In this article we’ll show you three easy ways!

Option 1 – Drops

The easiest way to measure small amounts of products is by counting drops. Every drop of product equals 0,05 ml. Need 1L of water with Regulator and Startbooster? Regulator dosage is 1,5 ml per 10 L of water, so for 1 L of water you’ll need 0,15ml, which translates to three drops! Add them, and stir well. Startbooster is next. It has a dosage of 2,5 ml per 10 L of water, so for 1 L, you’ll need 0,25 ml. 0,25 ml divided by 0,05 comes down to 5, so you need 5 drops of Startbooster for every liter of water.

Option 2 – Syringe

Another good option is using syringes, especially if you’re using and Aptus Tent Set, Indoor Set, or Believer Pack, as these all contain smaller bottles. You can easily extract small amounts of product from these bottles when you keep them upside down and press the tip of the syringe on the opening of the bottle, as you see in the picture below.

Option 3 – Pipette

If all else fails there’s still the trusty pipette! You can use it to count drops, but most pipettes have inscriptions in the plastic that help to measure a milliliter or two.