Green Easy Solutions

No Magic Potions

The Aptus approach is the natural way. We provide quality uniform products and education that enhance the growers’ production and cultivation. Our approach is based on preventive methodology for plant, pest and environmental problems. In short: avoiding problems before they become problems.
We fully respect the rules of nature and take into account the ancient natural mechanisms: soil care and plant care. Aptus is the combination of soil bioremediation, plant stimulation and proper nutrition.

Growers all over the world, regardless of type of crop, background or location, have primary goals:

  • Larger yields
  • Increased quality
  • Cost savings
  • Less work

Growers spend entire careers fulfilling these goals. Because of slick marketing campaigns and snake-oil salesmen, many are duped time and time again into trying magic potions that promise all of the goals above. The truth is far different…and much simpler!

At Aptus we believe these goals can be reached by aligning our operations with principles that obey the rules of nature. Plants want to be healthy, robust and nutritious, to produce flavours, aromas, oils, to grow and reproduce. Too often, growers hinder these desires by trying to manipulate plants in unnatural ways.

If natural balance is returned to the growing environment, plants respond positively. They create natural immunity to pest and fungal attacks. They increase production of quality affecting components. They grow larger and faster…and growers ultimately get what they want.