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Aptus improves shelf-life

Most producers of apples and pears know that calcium deficiencies cause problems like spots on fruits and bad conservation. What growers often not know is when to start applying calcium, what source of calcium to use in what dosage and how to apply it. Good advice in the use of the right calcium product can make a big difference.

Our approach is based on foliar applications of mono silicic acid (Regulator) combined with L-amino-acid chelated Ca and Mg. This allows the grower to spray calcium already early in the season (April/May), where traditional foliar calcium products can only be sprayed later in the fruit season (July) as they cause damage on the young leaf when sprayed too early in the season. The chelation of Ca and Mg with L-amino-acids allows the product to be applied early in the season and the combination with Regulator will help to transport the Ca and strengthen the cell walls. Combined spraying of CaMg-Boost and Regulator, during 4-5 times after bloom will improve fruit structure, calcium content, freshness and storage of fruits. This works for hard fruits as well as for soft fruits.