APTUS Family

Ambassador of Local Food

Buying local food has enormous benefits over mass produced food, often manufactured as cheap as possible by companies not that are not very interested in health, but in profits. Consuming local products is not only better for the quality of your food but it has also less impact on the environment and stimulates the local economy.

Over all local food is more sustainable as it takes less time to get from the garden to your plate. It is fresher, has higher nutritional values and better taste. The little distance local food has to travel means less fuel is needed, less CO2 emission is released and less food is wasted in stocking, warehousing and distribution.

Through mass agriculture, monoculture and the use of agro-chemicals the arable soils all over the world are becoming less fertile and deficient in vital elements. Production of local food is more divers and far more sustainable.

When you buy local food you also support the local economy by creating jobs in food processing and distribution and so keeping your local farm financially healthy. Money spent locally stays in the neighbourhood, creating other jobs in other businesses.

Seeking for local products may bring you into contact with interesting people, helps you to discover new tasty ways to prepare dishes and appreciate the pleasure of each season’s foods.