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Regulator range

Regulator increases the availability, mobility, and uptake of nutrients. It also benefits plants by depositing silicon in cell walls, increasing stress resistance, stimulating immune response and creating more dry weight. The mono silicic acid in Regulator is the only form of silicon that is bioavailable and works effective, independently of the other Aptus boosters. Regulator will increase the effectiveness of any existing nutrient program.

Startbooster is a superior replacement for any root and growth enhancing product. It is part soil conditioner, root and growth stimulant and micro-life inoculant. It is highly concentrated and very bio-active. Visible effects are already observed in early vegetative growth. Startbooster is fully organic and does not contain any synthetic compounds like many existing products for root enhancing.

CaMg-Boost is our calcium/magnesium booster. Ca and Mg are common deficiencies in gardens. Growers that use coco or peat probably already use a product based on Ca and Mg. CaMg-Boost is an excellent replacement for any other CaMg supplementation. Because the Ca and Mg minerals are chelated by L-amino acids, they are much more bioavailable and less harsh than most of the chemical salt products available on the market. Try as a foliar spray to quickly correct deficiencies.

Enzym+ contains multiple enzyme complexes to break down dead plant tissues (cellulase digests cellulose) and help to break down mineral salts (beta-glucanase). If your substrates contain high levels of residual salts, Enzym+ will help clean up your growing medium. Enzym+ also contains polysaccharides to feed and stimulate your soil-life. Enzym+ can be used as a straight replacement of any other enzyme product.