Aptus – Easy & Low-cost

All Aptus nutrients are extremely concentrated. We don’t add any water to dilute the active ingredients. Instead of using water like many other companies, we formulate our active ingredients in bio-stimulants like humic-, fulvic- and amino-acids. This means every drop contains 100% active material that plants can use as building blocks. It also means that you only pay for beneficial ingredients rather than very expensive water.

We always choose the most pure sources of ingredients, by preference from natural origin and when possible of pharma or food quality. In this way we can provide properly structured minerals and bio-stimulants for the best bio-availability and compatibility with plants.

For example, our source of L-amino acids is from natural origin and produced through controlled-enzymatic hydrolysis, which is a natural process that creates a complete profile of all essential amino-acids. More importantly, the amino-acids produced are left-turning, which is the only form that is recognized and used by nature. These manufacturing methods are complex and have an impact on cost price, but they are far the best and most reliable.

The Aptus products are highly concentrated and professionally formulated in a way that they are easy to use. The schedule guides the user through the different stages of plant development and explains what product to apply at what stage. All liquid products are fully soluble in water and can be applied on different substrates. The powder or granular products can easily be mixed in soil and coco or applied in the plant hole.