APTUS Family

Project Blauwdorp

In the heart of Maastricht young people who have some temporary difficulties getting along in school, get a chance to develop themselves at Cooperation Blauwdorp. An important part of Cooperation Blauwdorp is the urban garden in the center square of the building. The youngsters get to rediscover their talents in real-life situations. Here at Aptus we were very willing to help out, and for the second year in a row we set up an Aptus urban testing garden.

Together with fantastic volunteers at we filled over 30 crates with seeds en plants, made Aptus testing sections and even cleaned the whole square afterwards. In the urban farming project the youngsters grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits. Everyday they cook fresh seasonal dishes for locals and everyone else interested. The cooperation has become a meeting point for local citizens, the elderly and refugees to get in touch with each other.

Visit the website of Cooperation Blauwdorp here. Like the Aptus True Plant Science Facebookpage here to stay updated on our green way forward. Thanks!