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Hi! I’m Danielle den Hartog from Nieuwstadt (Limburg) in the Netherlands and in 2012 I started my own vegetable garden right next to our house on a small piece of land we could rent. I called the garden Oermoes, referring to ancient times in Dutch. I’m so happy and excited about it. Fresh air in your lungs, green on your retina, it does a lot for you. It’s instant relaxation! And for a foodie like me a vegetable garden is a true walhalla.

Since 2016 I’ve been working together with Aptus Plant Tech. We made testing sections in my garden and grew exactly the same crops on either side of the grid. One side we left untreated, the other side we simply mixed some pellets through the soil and after seeding and planting we put some drops of Regulator and Startbooster in the water. The results were impressive. I can’t wait to see the results for this year. I will be updating you on all the action at Oermoes.

I like to make nice pictures, in the garden and of my plate. With my garden I want to inspire you to grow vegetables yourself. It is not difficult at all. Vegetables are great to do and the satisfaction is huge!

And the easiest to grow are…?

Do you want to start a veggie garden this year, but have no idea how? Then it’s useful to start with easy to-grow-food. Then there is less room for disappointment and you can fully enjoy your self-grown vegetables. I have made a nice selection for a varied menu. And as it is a real countdown, we start at 6 and work our way to the absolute vegetable king!

  1. Zucchini

A vegetable that is not very obvious as easy to grow. But once germinated well, the zucchini is an easy plant. One disadvantage: he is tall. Certainly calculate a square meter for a plant. Once you are harvesting regularly, you have little to look at. And the yield is gigantic!

  1. Beetroot

Sow it thick and eat the leaves small as lettuce. Or sow broader and eat the large leaves and stems stewed as spinach. Always harvest the largest leaves and stalks, then the cuttings grow long. Beetroot grows well, is easy to maintain and very versatile. And if you choose the rainbow variant, you choose an eye-catcher!

  1. Carrots

Summer roots can be sown in early March. Maintain loose soil and do not sow too thick. As soon as the seedlings grow up, dilute so that each root has enough space. One plant becomes one root. Give plenty of water and that’s it!

  1. Strawberries

No vegetables, but it’s easy! Buy a few plants and put them in pots in a sunny place. Occasionally watering and picking the strawberries regularly, you get the biggest yield.

  1. Lettuce

Lettuce buds quickly. The advantage of lettuce is that you do not have to dilute or remove other sprouts to make room. You just sow a row and harvest the biggest leaves first. Leave the smallest leaves on the plant and there will always be new lettuce, for months to come.

  1. Radishes

Radishes germinate and grow quickly. A few weeks after sowing you can harvest them. In addition, they look nice and exist in different shapes and colors. The young leaf is also edible. Great to grow with kids, because you can follow the lifecycle and harvest is easy: just pull it out!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and watching. You’ll find my own website here, my Facebook here and like Aptus on Facebook here to stay updated on my blogs.

Good growings!

By the way…together with Aptus we made this video in my garden last year. Like to read comments or questions!