APTUS Family

Restaurant Bio Garden

For the second year in a row we are starting a testing garden at the most sustainable restaurant in the Netherlands; Restaurant Aan Sjuuteeänjd in Schinnen. This season owner and head chef Jean Thoma will show us how to transform our fresh veggies into starlike summer salades and other fingerlicking dishes. In this video we see Jean making and seeding new testing sections.

Jean works exclusively with bio-veg and forgotten vegetables from his urban garden. During the summer he also works with edible flowers. Together we made a testing ground, in which we analyse differences between treated and untreated crops. In an urban garden we use Aptus All-in-One pellets and Believerpack (Aptus Regulator and Aptus Startbooster). Plantjuice analysis will learn us more about deficiencies in plants. This way we can measure differences in plant growth and nutritional values. For Jean Thoma sustainable gardening and cooking is the only way for the future. Aan Sjuuteeänjd is also the only biorestaurant in Limburg.

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