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Project Blauwdorp Grow

Cooperation Blauwdorp is an urban farm in the heart of Maastricht. The project is run by young people who have temporarily difficulties getting along in school. The youngsters get to rediscover their talents in a realistic educational environment.

With the help of Aptus they have started an urban farming project to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits. Everyday they cook fresh seasonal dishes for locals and everyone else interested. The cooperation has become a meeting point for local citizens, the elderly and refugees to get in touch with each other.

Healthy food is their guide to a new future and Aptus Plant Tech is glad to help. With the use of our Believer Pack and All-In-One complete fertilizer pellet the urban farm flourishes as never before.

Like Aptus, Cooperation Blauwdorp is all for sustainable agriculture and a green future for the next generation. We will be keeping you up to date of our partnership, so stay tuned.

Visit the website of Cooperation Blauwdorp here.

Videoreport made at an upcoming urban farming project in Maastricht. There’s an English subtitle available in YouTube.