No Life Without Enzymes

Every living creature needs enzymes. Enzymes are indispensable for many important bio-chemical processes in our body. Plants also rely on enzymes to function as a catalyst for bio-chemical reactions that are involved in mineralisation, plant defence and interaction with the growing medium. Without the many types of natural enzymes, plant life as we know would not exist. And we probably wouldn’t either!

The plantsap measurements we took in our Aptus lab show that Enzym+ transforms accumulated and saturated nutrient salts into plant-available nutrients. Enzym+ also has a stabilizing effect on the EC in the growing medium. Enzym+ is a powerful mix of enzym complexes. It contains different types of enzymes which have different functions that are beneficial for plants as well as for the growing substrate and its micro-life. Enzym+ also cleans the root surface so nutrients will be better absorbed by the plant. Enzym+ removes dead organic matter and root residues.

Aptus Enzym+

Aptus Enzym+ is made from a mix of enzyme complexes reinforced with stabilizers. The enzyme complexes include beta-glucanase and cellulase. The stabilizers ensure stability for a long time as well as an effective performance of the enzymes. Beneficial side-effect of the stabilizer is that it contains a sugarcomplex that will feed the micro-life in the growing substrate too. The enzymes are produced in a sterile environment so that contamination with microbes or other elements is excluded. Enzym+ is a highly concentrated product with a usage of 1 to 4000, so very economic in use. Even at low dosages Enzym+ keeps the medium and rhizosphere clean. Enzym+ is available in 100ml, 250ml, 1000ml, 5000ml and 20000ml bottles.

How to use

At each watering you use 2,5 ml per 10 liters of water. That’s just 1 to If you want to use Enzym+ only once a week you use the double dosage: 5 milliliters on that same 10 liter bucket of water. Do not leave a tank with nutrients and Enzym+ in it for too long. Add Enzym+ in the nutrient solution last, preferably just before waterering. Benefits using Enzym+: Soil and cocos can be re-used. It keeps the root zone healthy and clean. It prevents the accumulation and excess of nutrients salts and it stabilizes EC in the substrate.