True Plant Science

Problems with Modern Agro

To enhance growth and protect crops against pests and diseases, the use of chemical NPK fertilizers and pesticides has become commonplace in modern agriculture. This has resulted in the disappearance of soil micro-organisms, the exhaustion of carbon from the soil, the disappearance of essential micro-elements (silicon, selenium), soil acidification and it has created weak plants […]


Mixing Nutrients

This video shows you exactly how to properly mix Aptus nutrients to let your plants reach their full potential and ultimately maximize your yield. The most important lesson in this video: Always add Regulator first! You can find detailed mixing instructions in various videos on our YouTube channel, which you can find here: Aptus YouTube.   […]


No Life Without Enzymes

Every living creature needs enzymes. Enzymes are indispensable for many important bio-chemical processes in our body. Plants also rely on enzymes to function as a catalyst for bio-chemical reactions that are involved in mineralisation, plant defence and interaction with the growing medium. Without the many types of natural enzymes, plant life as we know would […]