True Plant Science

Problems with Modern Agro

To enhance growth and protect crops against pests and diseases, the use of chemical NPK fertilizers and pesticides has become commonplace in modern agriculture. This has resulted in the disappearance of soil micro-organisms, the exhaustion of carbon from the soil, the disappearance of essential micro-elements (silicon, selenium), soil acidification and it has created weak plants with low mineral content and little natural resistance.

These problems are just the beginning. And unfortunately most of the ‘solutions’ offered for these problems create even greater problems; Toxic chemical runoff into water sources (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides), poisoned soil and air, vast wastelands of industrial manufacturing byproducts, massive carbon footprints for food production, crop failure on massive scale, poor food nutrition, which leads to health problems.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not the sollution and won’t solve existing problems. There will simply be more and more new problems created. Something must change.

The Aptus Approach is the natural way; it respects fully the rules of nature and is a guideline to get back to ancient natural mechanisms: soil care and plant care. Aptus is the combination of soil bioremediation, plant stimulation, and proper nutrition.

Aptus believes that these goals can be reached by aligning our operations with principles that obey the rules of nature. Plants want to be healthy, to be robust and nutritious, to produce flavors, aromas, and oils, to grow and reproduce. Too often, growers hinder these desires by trying to manipulate plants in unnatural ways.

If natural balance is restored in the growing environment, plants will respond positively. They create natural immunity to pest and fungal attacks; they increase production of quality affecting components; they grow larger and faster. Growers ultimately also get what they want.

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