User Guide

Mycor Mix: User Guide

Mycor Mix contain fungal spores of various endomycorrhizal fungi. These special fungi have a symbiotic relationship with plants, which means they work together to make each other’s lives better. The fungi fetches nutrients and water for the plant in exchange for exudates (sugars) from the plant.

To effectively inoculate your plants with Mycor Mix it’s important that we create physical contact between the Mycor Mix spores and our plants’ roots. In this post we show you two way to do that.

Option 1: When your plants are ready for (trans-)planting, make a planting hole in your new container and sprinkle about 1 gram of Mycor Mix in the planting hole.

Option 2: Are you not sure the roots will come in direct contact with Mycor Mix? Sprinkle some Mycor Mix directly on your plant’s root ball.

Of course there are multiple other ways to apply Mycor Mix. The most important thing to remember is to make sure there is physical contact between the Mycor Mix spores and your plant’s roots.

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