User Guide

Fungone: User Guide

Fungone is a protected preventive foliar spray that decreases pathogen problems on leaves while increasing the plant’s resistance to future attacks. It helps prevent fungal, bacterial and viral problems by cleaning the leaf and creating conditions that do not favor pathogen development. It prevents future infections by producing a preventive shield over leaves, and is extremely useful for outdoor applications.

Fungone uses atomair oxygen (O3) to oxidize bacteria and fungi. Pathogens are unable to develop resistance to oxidation. Oxidation by O3 occurs naturally in nature and artificially in some greenhouses to control bacteria and pests.

The remaining elements of the spray produce natural oxygen and clean water. Fungone contains a food grade adjuvant that helps it stick and spread evenly on the plant surface for a long lasting effect.

The question that remains is, which type of Fungone best suits your needs?

Option 1: Fungone is a ready to use product. It can be sprayed directly on the plant. (Do you have a really sensitive plant? Dilute Fungone a bit more!)

Option 2: For larger volumes, Fungone Concentrate can be used because 1L is enough to make 5L of spray solution!

Leaves burn quickly when lights are on. The droplets of the spray act as prisms, amplifying the light intensity. That why it’s best to ensure that the lights are off when you spray. We also recommend you wear a mask an goggles when you spray, however Fungone is not toxic and leaves no residue in the plant.

Use Aptus Fungone on a weekly basis to prevent problems from arising. Spray both the top and the bottom of your leaves!

Are you left with any questions after reading this? Don’t hesitate to send us a message or just give us a call!