Deficiency Poster

This poster gives you valuable information about possible plant deficiencies and how to solve them.

It is very important to understand how certain nutrients react with each other. They can react in a synergetic way or in an antagonistic way. If you don’t understand these interactions, you may over-supplement with a specific nutrient in attempt to correct a deficiency. Not all deficiencies are caused by lack of nutrients. For example, Calcium deficiency may be diagnosed due to low Calcium levels OR because there are high levels of nitrates (NO3). Nitrates ‘push’ Calcium away and can block absorption. So it is better to use organic Nitrogen instead of inorganic Nitrogen that contains high concentrations of nitrates.

The Aptus Approach is to provide quality uniform products and education that enhances the growers’ production and cultivation ability. The Aptus Approach is based on a preventive methodology for host (plant), pest and environmental problems. Simply put, to avoid problems before they arise. The Aptus Approach is a natural process; it fully respects the rules of nature and is a guideline to re-establish ancient natural mechanisms: soil care and plant care. Aptus is a combination of soil bioremediation, plant stimulation and proper nutrition.

APTUS Deficiency Poster