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APTUS Family

Video: Karel knows what he wants to eat!

Meet Karel Crombach. He and his wife Carla live in the south of the Netherlands, close to the Aptus headquarters.

Considering their strong belief in the importance of good nutrition they do everything possible to optimize their health. One of the ways they do this is through growing their own vegetables and fruit, and

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Video: Aptus family only wants to grow

We’re looking forward to a new season of growing delicious vegetables and fruits with our Aptus family. We would like to share this video with you and introduce four of our green partners in constructing some beautiful testing gardens.

Restaurant Aan Sjuuteeänjd

Chef Jean Thoma making Aptus testing sections in his garden. Restaurant Aan

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Superkale of the Sjuut

Jean Thoma grew some Aptus superkale in his urban garden. Chef and owner of organic restaurant Aan Sjuuteeänjd is enthusiastic: “This super-kale is delicious and weighs almost a kilo! The great thing is that with the lab results from Aptus we can see exactly how much more nutritional value there is in the treated

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Picturegallery out of the green classroom of Citaverde College

For about 3 weeks we ‘ve been seeding and planting with students of Citaverde College, an agricultural school in Heerlen, in the south of the Netherlands. The project ‘Green Production’ is fully intented to raise awareness on the importance of healthy food that is locally grown. So far we’ ve mostly been preparing the testing sections, seeding and planting sprouts and learning about maintaining your own urban garden. All the children learn about Aptus and use All-in-One pellets and Aptus Regulator and Aptus Startbooster in the testing sections. During the year we’ll be growing, harvesting, analyzing and above all…tasting! Here

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Some big garden results!

It is harvesting season! Aptus Plant Tech collaborates with schools and owners of all kinds of urban gardens to create awareness on locally grown food. To prove our methods and products, all crops get analysed in official laboratories on nutritional value. We like to say: to eat healthy…the plants you eat must be healthy.

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