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Aptus Family Projects

We’re looking forward to a new season of growing delicious vegetables and fruits with our Aptus family. We would like to share this video with you and introduce four of our green partners in constructing some beautiful testing gardens.

Restaurant Aan Sjuuteeänjd

Chef Jean Thoma making Aptus testing sections in his garden. Restaurant Aan Sjuuteeänjd in Schinnen is the only organic restaurant in Limburg and the second most sustainable restaurant in the Netherlands. Chef and owner Jean Thoma has a big vegetable garden a few streets away from his restaurant. Jean is satisfied with the results of working together and we’re going into our third season. www.sjuut.nl

Herberg De Smidse

Chef Yvo Creuse harvesting crops to prepare in his famous French cuisine. Hotel/Restaurant aan Molenweg in Epen, in het hart van het Heuvelland. The hotel and restaurant in Epen lies in the heart of Heuvelland. In the summer season, a million people visit this area. On a large part of the open ground we’re going to grow pumpkins and courgettes. This yields a lot of quantity, which Yvo can immediately use in his kitchen. www.smidse.nl

Coöperatie Blauwdorp

A great initiative in Maastricht to let young people rediscover their talents in the kitchen, the garden and other forms of daytime activities. An important part of Cooperation Blauwdorp is the urban garden in the center square of the building. The youngsters get to rediscover their talents in a realistic educational environment. Here at Aptus we are very willing to help out and for the third year in a row we’re creating testing sections in crates of 1 square metre. www.cooperatieblauwdorp.nl


Danielle Den Hartog at work in her beauitiful ‘Oermoes’ garden. She maintains her garden with passion and hard work. She works alone, but in good weeks she provides 13 families in Nieuwstadt with fresh vegetables. www.oermoes.nl