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Each season offers a wide range of produce made available by nature. Nowadays a lot of produce in supermarkets is available all year round, which makes it easy to lose track of seasonality. Kids often don’t know better than eating strawberries year round. When we become more aware of the growing cycles of fruit and vegetables, we can take a big step towards a healthier, more sustainable life.

Local food is better for you, as it is more likely to be fresher and higher in nutritional value. Often food quality declines when produce is stored for long periods of time. Local food is consumed closer to harvesting and is therefore brighter and more vibrant. Crops that are sold locally are mostly picked at their peak of ripeness, instead of being harvested early and chilled in order to be shipped and distributed across the globe.

Stronger plants

Aptus Believerpack is widely known as the best companion of vegetable gardens. In all of our urbans gardens we always use the Believerpack, a winning combination of Aptus Regulator and Aptus Startbooster.
Professional agriculture companies as well as small-scale urban gardeners use Regulator to their big benefit. Regulator strengthens crops by regulating the absorption of nutrients and increasing dry matter content. It contains a protected formula of stabilized silicic acid, the bioavailable form of Silicon (Si) that provides a hardening of the cell wall resulting in thicker stems, stronger leaves and overall stronger plants. Most important effect of using Aptus Regulator: stronger, more resilient plants, bigger yields and better nutritional values. Without harmful substances like heavy metals and ballast salts.

Aptus Startbooster stimulates the development of the root system and root-hairs, has a powerful soil conditioning effect and stimulates beneficial micro life. The cocktail of multiple active ingredients makes Startbooster the most powerful root and growth stimulator on the market.

In Europe, Aptus Plant Tech cooperates with a lot of urban garden owners to show the difference between treated and untreated crops. Garden owners vary from restaurant chefs to young kids taking their first steps in growing their own food. We educate, taste, feel and measure every step of the way. Lab results show improvement of nutrient values. The naked eye shows delicious food that is brighter in colour, crisper in touch, fresher in taste and on average significantly bigger than untreated crops.

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