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Complete micro-elements booster
Fulvic blast contains essential micro-elements that are directly absorbable by the plant. Fulvic-Blast contains high concentrations of fulvic acid which act as a natural chelator. This improves the absorption of the existing micro-elements which improves the crop.
Fulvic-Blast contains fulvic acid with a very low molecular weight, amino acids, plant stimulants and chelated micro-elements like iron, zinc, manganese and copper. Due to the low molecular weight, all the elements enclosed will be better transported and absorbed by the plant




– Organo-mineral micro-elements booster
– Very high chelating capacity
– Prevents shortages of micro-elements
– Stimulates the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar

Tips & Trucs
Use Fulvic-Blast when uncertain deficiencies in the leaf appear.
Using Fulvic-Blast once a week prevents shortages and nutritional imbalance during the plant life cycle.

Fulvic-Blast contains low molecular weight fulvic acid combined with amino acids and micro-elements which allows a direct uptake of nutrients by plants.

Use fulvic-Blast preferably once a week throughout the cycle or at uncertain deficiencies.
Use 30 ml Fulvic-Blast per 100l water (1:3333).
Shake well before use.
– Completely water soluble
– Leaves no residues