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We are happy to introduce the new APTUS Counter Displays. In order to respond to the increasing demand for smaller packagings we can now offer APTUS products in fancy counter displays...


All-In-One Liquid

We are pleased to present our new APTUS product: ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID The ideal fertilizer to be used from start till finish

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Aptus True Plant Science

Aptus develops and markets fertilizers, soil improvement products, insects repellents and specialty boosters. Aptus offers these products through 4 concepts: - Aptus Plant Care - Aptus Specialty Boosters - Aptus Insect & Soil Care - Aptus Nutrition.
Aptus True Plant Science
Aptus True Plant ScienceAugust 31st, 2015 at 8:12am
The Aptus tip of the week: HUMIC-BLAST

The summer is the most dry season of the year.
Your garden needs lots of water… or maybe not?

If you cover your soil (for example by mulching) and make sure it contains enough humic acid, it will hold twice as much water.
Just try our HUMIC-BLAST and see how it improves water retention & soil structure and also stimulates micro life.

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Aptus True Plant Science
Aptus True Plant ScienceAugust 24th, 2015 at 9:13am
The Aptus Tip of the week: TOPBOOSTER!

In the month August the tomato plants are full of fruits.
Now it is time for the Startbooster follow-up for feeding your (tomato)plants:

Did you know that Topbooster improves yield by stimulating more bud sites?
More advantages:
– Bigger flowers with lots of fibres, resins and sugars.
– Improved quality (appearance and taste).
– Faster development of buds and flowers.
– Better quality end product.

For more information http://aptus-holland.com/aptus-plant-care-products/aptus-topbooster/
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Aptus True Plant Science
Aptus True Plant ScienceAugust 10th, 2015 at 7:00am
The Aptus Tip of the week: Kohlrabi

Latest experiments on kohlrabi show improved sizing and improved mineralization.
Analysis proof lower nitrate levels and higher nutritional values.
Fruits and vegetables with lower nitrate content can be stored longer and have better taste. Analysis show significant decrease of nitrate (NO3) content and higher brix levels, which improve taste.

REGULATOR helps the plant to better transform nitrates into amino acids, which will result in higher brix levels. Brix is an indicator for sugar levels but also for amino acids, building blocks of life.

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Aptus True Plant Science
Aptus True Plant ScienceAugust 3rd, 2015 at 7:00am
The Aptus Tip of the week: Watering your garden: Salad vegetables

Salad vegetables like spinach, lettuce and cabbage profit from a large ammount of water in every growth stage. You’ll get the best result if you water the crops extra 7-14 day’s before harvesting.
Young plants should be watered again a few days after planting. STARTBOOSTER is the perfect start for young plants.
APTUS Startbooster will stimulate the hair-roots to develop better and more abundant.
It gives an extra boost to the soil microlife and in the same time it will stimulate plant rooting- and vegetative processes.
In case of drought REGULATOR can help to resist stress as it decreases evaporation/transpiration of the plant by >30%. REGULATOR has a positive influence on opening and closing of stomata.

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Aptus True Plant Science
Aptus True Plant ScienceJuly 27th, 2015 at 9:37am
The Aptus Tip of the week: Fertilizing Tomatoes

Feed tomatoes frequently with REGULATOR and Startbooster to keep plants
healthy and vigorous. Apply these products every 2 weeks.
By late summer, plants that start producing early in the season will show
signs of exhaustion and deficiencies. The combination of REGULATOR and Startbooster will stimulate new growth. The mineralisation of the plant will be improved and plants will produce healthier and more abundant fruits. Experiments show more homogeneous sizing and improved taste by higher brix levels.

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All in One Liquid