As modern agriculture often views plants as machines that should produce food, we have lost the relationship with plants as living creatures. This point of view has had devastating effects. Soils are dead, crops are weak, lacking nutrition and quality.

Plants are amazing biological systems as complex as human beings. And like us, plants have goals. The cool thing is that in most cases, the plant’s goals actually align with our goals.

  • Plants want larger fruits to carry more seeds and pass on their genetics
  • Plants want larger and more vibrant, aromatic flowers to attract pollinators.
  • Plants want higher quality factors like oils, resins and flavours to attract good bugs and repel bad bugs.
  • Plants want firm, sturdy stems to support great growth to support heavier yields.
  • Plants want more minerals and stimulants to resist pests and disease.
  • Plants want ease and speed of growth; less energy spent means more can be accomplished.

Looking at this list, these are all goals focused on living strong, greater production, and furthering the healthy genetics of the plant. This is nature at work. And more importantly, all these goals align with what we seek to achieve in our garden.

So we need to look at plants as partners, as children, rather than tools. This may sound a bit ‘out there’, but when we view plants this way we get greater insight into how they function, how to diagnose problems and how to optimize our growing environment. Be aware of this and you will experience consistent and tremendous results.

When we ignore this relationship and the way nature rules, we remove the tools nature gave us and the only alternatives are to spray chemicals, use cheap synthetic fertilizers and respond to a curative approach rather than preventative. A better option is to proceed regarding the guidelines mother nature gave us, and balance nutrition, stimulate soil and plants and create health.