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nutrisprayNatural surfactants

NutriSpray is a blend of natural surfactants, stimulators and microelements, to be used as a foliar fertilizer. It provides essential microelements during the complete growing cycle and leaves a natural coating on the leaf to protect and to feed. NutriSpray can be used for general nutrition or for deficiency correction.


  • Leaves an active layer containing microelements on leaf surface
  • Layer fully biodegrades within 10-15 days
  • Fast-acting nutrient absorption
  • Quickly treat common deficiencies

Tips & Tricks

  • Faster correction than root feeding if any deficiencies appear
  • Spray mother plants one week before cutting clones for healthier cuttings
  • Spray cuttings once per week to provide a protective shield and available nutrients
  • Always spray with lights off to avoid burning. Leave lights off for 20-30 minutes after spraying.


  • Organic surfactant
  • Horse chestnut extract
  • Microelements
  • ◊ Manganese (Mn)
  • ◊ Sulphur (S)
  • ◊ Zinc (Zn)

Application and dosage
Do not use full strength, always dilute with water.
Mix 2 ml per 1 L of water and spray on the entire leaf surface.
Indoor: Spray during weeks 1, 3, 5 of bloom for general nutrition.
Outdoor: Spray 1 week after planting, then once a month until harvest.