An insect infestation is one of the biggest problem you can have in your grow. You may experience stunted growth, damaged produce, and if you’re really down on your luck, your plants may even die. At Aptus we believe that a preventative approach always works better than a curative approach. So, we always recommend to take preventative measures against invading insects. In this article you’ll find a tip on how to use Aptus Dislike on your young plants or clones to prevent (or even to treat) insect plagues, whether it be for spider mites, aphids or other harmful creepy crawlies. The combination of 5 essential oils in 1 product guarantees a broad mode of action, and Dislike is the only product on the market with such a powerful natural formula. In addition to repelling many insects, the oil blend can coat and suffocate existing insects and their eggs too. Just follow the simple instructions below, and remember to shake the bottle before use and to use lukewarm water to ensure Dislike dissloves in the water properly.

Step 1:



Step 2:



Step 3:



Step 4: