Entrées par Joey van der Loo

Mycor Mix: User Guide

Mycor Mix contain fungal spores of various endomycorrhizal fungi. These special fungi have a symbiotic relationship with plants, which means they work together to make each other’s lives better. The fungi fetches nutrients and water for the plant in exchange for exudates (sugars) from the plant. To effectively inoculate your plants with Mycor Mix it’s […]

All-in-One Pellet: User Guide

Aptus All-in-one Pellet is a time-released 100% organic pellet fertilizer that provides complete nutrition for plant development for up to 3 months. Each application lasts 2-3 months and can be reapplies for longer cycles. It’s specially formulated with macronutrients and micronutrients, amino acids and biostimulants to enhance plant development over a period of time. All-in-One […]

Micromix Soil: User Guide

Micromix Soil is a high quality bacterial inoculant that has been formulated in collaboration with top universities in Europe. The specific bacteria strains are combined with a specific seaweed variety, Lithothamnium.

Micromix Drip: User Guide

During the production process of growing substrates all microlife is destroyed/sterilized so that no harmful elements remain. The problem with that approach is that the beneficial bacteria are also destroyed in the process, which makes the substrate more susceptible to pests and diseases. An active (beneficial) microlife is essential to optimize growing conditions and to […]

Buffering Your Water

Balancing the pH in your nutrient tank can prove to be somewhat of a challenge. Nobody likes adjusting the pH in their tank multiple times a day, and all that added acid or base is not doing your plants any good either. That’s where good buffering comes in! WHAT ARE BUFFERS? We can compare the […]

Neem – The Organic Pesticide

Neem, nimtree, Indian lilac – these are all different names for the same tree, known as Azadirachta indica. It’s native to the Indian subcontinent, but cultivated all around the world in tropical climates. What’s so interesting about this tree you may ask yourself? Well, it is the source of one of the most powerful organic […]

Testing Ph In Your Soil

In this article we’ll show you how to take pH measurements in your soil. I can hear you think, why would you need to measure the pH in your soil when you already measure it in the water you give your plants? Well, your soil is alive, and there are all kinds of processes going […]

PH Basics

The correct pH in is essential for optimizing your grow. You can measure pH in your substrate as well as in your nutrient solution. Some professional growers even as far as measuring the internal pH of plants with plant sap measurements! For the sake of this article we’ll start with the basics. WHAT IS PH? […]

Startbooster: Transplanting Dip

Transplanting is one of the most stressful moments for your plant. When it’s not done right your plant will need some time to recover before growing any further. Most of us already know not to disturb our plants’ roots when transplanting, so in this quick article we’ll show you another helpful method to minimize transplant […]