Entradas de] Joey van der Loo

The Power of pH

Every grower knows pH is an important measurement for any fertilizer input. And most growers have instruments to measure their feed solution. Most also know that the pH of the medium is a big factor in the availability and absorption of nutrients. What fewer growers understand is the importance of the pH of the plant […]

Aptus – Easy & Low-cost

All Aptus nutrients are extremely concentrated. We don’t add any water to dilute the active ingredients. Instead of using water like many other companies, we formulate our active ingredients in bio-stimulants like humic-, fulvic- and amino-acids. This means every drop contains 100% active material that plants can use as building blocks. It also means that […]

Plantas Y Nitratos

El nitrato es un ion poliatómico que puede ser tóxico para los humanos en grandes cantidades ya que el cuerpo humano puede transformar los nitratos en nitritos. El nitrito es peligroso para nuestra salud, por lo tanto, cuanto menor sea nuestra ingesta de nitrato, mejor será para nuestra salud. Con respecto al consumo humano, los […]