Start Growing The Right Way With These Essential Aptus Products!

With over 20 products to choose from it can be daunting to buy your first set of Aptus products, because what do you need exactly? In this blog, we’ll show and explain the essentials of the Aptus product line. So, we want to feed our plants…

What EC Should I Use?

One of the most common questions new Aptus users have is: What EC value should I keep in my nutrient solution? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer here, as it’s dependent on a lot of variables like crop, climate, and growth phase, but…

Enzymes 101

Enzymes are agents of change – Catalysts for biochemical reactions. In the human body, enzymes are involved in the digestion (breakdown) of food into molecules that

The Health Factor - pH

We all know pH is an important measurement for any fertilizer input. Most of us also know that the pH of the medium is a big factor in the availability and absorption of nutrients. What only few understand is the importance of the pH of the plant itself

The Quality Factor - Brix

How do we get plants to send the 'good' signals and not the 'bad' in a controlled environment? That's where Brix comes in!

Plant Signals

It's every grower's worst (but all-too-common) nightmare: Checking on your crop and finding out it's infested with pests (or pathogens). Spraying pesticides only works curatively, so a preventive approach would be better. To be able to effectively…

Nutrient Interactions & Antagonism

It is very important to understand how certain nutrients react with each other. If you don’t understand these interactions, you may over-supplement with a specific nutrient in an attempt to correct a deficiency.

Diagnosing Problems

Knowing how to identify and fix problems in plants is an essential skill for farmers and gardeners alike. But, at the end of the day it’s always better to prevent problems from arising by understanding the underlying cause. When you provide…

Biochemical Sequencing 101

Traditional agriculture operates by looking at plant like they are machines. We tend to think a little different at Aptus. We believe we should look at plants as living creatures, just like you and me.

Microbes - Shotgun or Sniper?

It’s becoming more and more clear that a rich microlife is one of the most important factors for healthy plant