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CitaVerde Update

Time flies as our project ‘Green Production’ is almost looking at the end of the third and last semester of its primary year. CitaVerde College works together with Aptus Plant Tech to grow vegetables in the classrooms. We use very simple methods, but also innovative indoor growing systems and hydroponic systems. Take a look at […]

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Become a believer

Each season offers a wide range of produce made available by nature. Nowadays a lot of produce in supermarkets is available all year round, which makes it easy to lose track of seasonality. Kids often don’t know better than eating strawberries year round. When we become more aware of the growing cycles of fruit and […]

True Plant Science

Problems with Modern Agro

To enhance growth and protect crops against pests and diseases, the use of chemical NPK fertilizers and pesticides has become commonplace in modern agriculture. This has resulted in the disappearance of soil micro-organisms, the exhaustion of carbon from the soil, the disappearance of essential micro-elements (silicon, selenium), soil acidification and it has created weak plants […]

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Perfect Products to Start

  Regulator increases the availability, mobility, and uptake of nutrients. It also benefits plants by depositing silicon in cell walls, increasing stress resistance, stimulating immune response and creating more dry weight. The mono silicic acid in Regulator is the only form of silicon that is bioavailable and works effective, independently of the other Aptus boosters. […]