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All-in-One Liquid makes life easy

All-in-One Liquid is a 100% mineral based fertilizer suited for all mediums and systems. It can be used from the vegetative phase all the way through to flowering/maturation phase. The unique manufacturing process makes All-in-One Liquid less sensitive to pH-variations and therefore applicable in a wide pH-range. It contains essential elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

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Video: Seeding your urban mini-garden

After putting up your own urban mini-garden, it’s time for seeding. Aptus Regulator and Aptus Startbooster and especially designed to bring out the full potential of a plant, even in such a premature state. In this video you will see the seeding process and the use of our Believerpack.



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Video: Urban mini-garden; a quick start!

This new video will show you an easy way to make an urban mini-garden and start growing your own fruit and vegetables. At home or everywhere you want. Be aware of what you eat, take health back into your own hands with our scientific knowledge of natural and organic crop growing.

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Optimizing plant nutrition depends on a delicate balance

Aptus cooperates with top agriculture universities and research facilities to find the precise balance and composition of nutrients, bio-stimulants and beneficial microbes. This way Aptus has created its nutrients to work together in a synergistic way. Mixing and matching with other brands often breaks the synergistic effect and create nutrition imbalance through overdose of

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Prepare your garden for the new season

To prepare your vegetable garden for the next season, the most important thing to start with is to get rid of the old stuff before winter really strikes. Clean out dead plants to prevent build-up of pathogen fungus and insects.

The next step is to make sure you add new carbon and micro-life to

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