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Grow Your Own: Sprouts

Designed by Mrsiraphol

Summer is over, and most of us have harvested all there was to harvest from our gardens. Of course we still need a steady supply of vitamins and minerals in our diet. Well, we have just the thing for you, because in this post we’re showing you how to grow your own super nutritious

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Veggie Patch: To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

In this post we’re giving you an introduction in the world of mulching. Mulch is basically any material that’s used as a soil covering. There’s a whole lot of organic and inorganic mulch materials available. Think of things like straw, grass clippings, wood chips, leaves, but also newspapers or just plastic.

Like everything in

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Veggie patch: Most common beginner mistakes

Making mistakes is a great tool for learning and everyone makes mistakes when they first start their own veggie patch. We wouldn’t want you to lose hope after an unsuccessful first season of growing, so we’ll tackle some of the most common beginner mistakes in this article. That way you don’t have to make

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Seven do’s when starting a vegetable garden

Nothing is more fun than harvesting fresh vegetables from your own vegetable garden. And it’s easy! That’s why we listed the seven do’s: the most important steps to begin with, so you can start immediately. And that doesn’t have to be in the spring, but can be done throughout the year.

1. The right spot

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Some big garden results!

It is harvesting season! Aptus Plant Tech collaborates with schools and owners of all kinds of urban gardens to create awareness on locally grown food. To prove our methods and products, all crops get analysed in official laboratories on nutritional value. We like to say: to eat healthy…the plants you eat must be healthy.

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Become a believer this summer!

Each season offers a wide range of produce made available by nature. Nowadays a lot of produce in supermarkets is available all year round, which makes it easy to lose track of seasonality. Kids often don’t know better then strawberries can be eaten every week. When we become more aware of the heritage and

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