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APTUS Family

Video: A new Aptus urban testing garden in 30 crates

In the heart of Maastricht young people who have all kinds of temporarily difficulties getting along in school, get a second chance at Cooperation Blauwdorp. An important part of Cooperation Blauwdorp is the urban garden in the center square of the building. The youngsters get to rediscover their talents in a realistic educational environment. Here at

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Video: Tasting lessons for children

To create awareness about the importance of local food, Aptus Plant Tech organizes tasting lessons for children together with Coöperatie Blauwdorp and Stichting LEFteam in Maastricht (NL). In this video kids of primary schools El Habib Maastricht and Bs. Het Mozaïk learn about the tasty way towards a healthy future. Like our Facebook-page to keep updated with

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Video: creating star dishes out of your urban garden

Jean Thoma is chef and owner of restaurant Aan Stuuteeänjd in Schinnen (NL). He works exclusively with bio-veg and forgotten vegetables from his urban garden. Today he is harvesting Swiss chard for tonight’s new dish. During the summer he also works with edible flowers. Together with Aptus Plant Tech we made a testing ground.

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