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No Life Without Enzymes

Every living creature needs enzymes. Enzymes are indispensable for many important bio-chemical processes in our body. Plants also rely on enzymes to function as a catalyst for bio-chemical reactions that are involved in mineralisation, plant defence and interaction with the growing medium. Without the many types of natural enzymes, plant life as we know would […]

Project Blauwdorp Grow

Cooperation Blauwdorp is an urban farm in the heart of Maastricht. The project is run by young people who have temporarily difficulties getting along in school. The youngsters get to rediscover their talents in a realistic educational environment. With the help of Aptus they have started an urban farming project to grow their own vegetables, […]

The Power of pH

Every grower knows pH is an important measurement for any fertilizer input. And most growers have instruments to measure their feed solution. Most also know that the pH of the medium is a big factor in the availability and absorption of nutrients. What fewer growers understand is the importance of the pH of the plant […]

No Magic Potions

The Aptus approach is the natural way. We provide quality uniform products and education that enhance the growers’ production and cultivation. Our approach is based on preventive methodology for plant, pest and environmental problems. In short: avoiding problems before they become problems. We fully respect the rules of nature and take into account the ancient […]

Optimizing Plant Nutrition

Aptus cooperates with top agriculture universities and research facilities to find the precise balance and composition of nutrients, bio-stimulants and beneficial microbes. This way Aptus has created its nutrients to work together in a synergistic way. Mixing and matching with other brands often breaks the synergistic effect and create nutrition imbalance through overdose of nutrients […]

Ambassador of Local Food

Buying local food has enormous benefits over mass produced food, often manufactured as cheap as possible by companies not that are not very interested in health, but in profits. Consuming local products is not only better for the quality of your food but it has also less impact on the environment and stimulates the local economy. […]

Aptus improves shelf-life

Most producers of apples and pears know that calcium deficiencies cause problems like spots on fruits and bad conservation. What growers often not know is when to start applying calcium, what source of calcium to use in what dosage and how to apply it. Good advice in the use of the right calcium product can […]


Perfect Products to Start

  Regulator increases the availability, mobility, and uptake of nutrients. It also benefits plants by depositing silicon in cell walls, increasing stress resistance, stimulating immune response and creating more dry weight. The mono silicic acid in Regulator is the only form of silicon that is bioavailable and works effective, independently of the other Aptus boosters. […]

Aptus – Easy & Low-cost

All Aptus nutrients are extremely concentrated. We don’t add any water to dilute the active ingredients. Instead of using water like many other companies, we formulate our active ingredients in bio-stimulants like humic-, fulvic- and amino-acids. This means every drop contains 100% active material that plants can use as building blocks. It also means that […]

Aptus supports IVN Schinnen

IVN is a Dutch national organisation that has a clear objective: a sustainable society. They aim to achieve this by letting young and old get in touch with nature and let them realize the true value of mother nature. They organize workshops, excursions, walks through the country, exhibitions, courses, educational projects and much more that […]